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Vox Footwear

Vox is an American footwear and clothing company.


Denne informasjonen er foreløpig bare tilgjengelig på engelsk!

Vox was founded in 2005 by Ed Dominick, Dr. Chen and Nathan Peacher.


The company is based in California.

Vox US Team:

xxxx: Darren Navarette
xxxx: Ricky Oyola
xxxx: Adrian Mallory
xxxx: Justin Strubing
xxxx: Neil Blender
xxxx: Dan Drehobl
xxxx: JT Aultz
xxxx: Emmanuel Guzman
xxxx: David Gravette
xxxx: Peter Hewitt

Vox International Team:

2006: Richie Jackson

Vox UK Team:

xxxx: Danny Calow
xxxx: Watkins
xxxx: Ronny Calow
xxxx: Lewis Davies
xxxx: Guzman
xxxx: Doug McCloughlan
xxxx: Moggins
xxxx: Benson.


2008: Black and Blue volume 4
2008: Black and Blue volume 3
2007: Black and Blue volume 2
2007: Black and Blue volume 1


Vox shoes are designed and marketed for skateboarding.

2009: The Drehobl 1.5 Signature Model
2009: The Shale
2008: The Vamp
????: The Trooper
2008: The Eman Signature Model
2008: The Aultz Signature Model


xxxx: Merch Distribution Norway


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