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Eric Koston

Eric Koston is a Thai-American professional skateboarder.


Denne informasjonen er foreløpig bare tilgjengelig på engelsk!

Eric Koston was born April 29, 1975 in Bangkok, Thailand.


His stance is goofy.


In 1992, Koston first got sponsored by 101 Skateboards. He officially turned pro in 1993 with H-Street Skateboards.

2009 - xxxx: Nike SB
2009 - xxxx: Jessup Griptape
xxxx - xxxx: Diamond
xxxx - xxxx: Fourstar
xxxx - xxxx: Oakley
xxxx - xxxx: Active
2008 - xxxx: Neff Headwear
2006 - xxxx: Spitfire Wheels
2006 - xxxx: Independent Trucks
2006 - 2009: Lakai Footwear
xxxx - xxxx: Girl Skateboards
???? - 2005: Royal Trucks
1995 - 2006: èS Footwear
1991 - xxxx: H-Street
xxxx - xxxx: 101 Skateboards


2012: 21 - Street League Final Ranking
2008: 15 - X Games Mens Street
2008: 06 - CPH Pro Street
2007: 05 - X Games Street
2007: 01 - Tampa Pro Games Street
2006: 07 - X Games Street
2006: 05 - Dew Tour Park
2005: 01 - West 49 Canadian Open Rail
2005: 08 - West 49 Canadian Open Street
2005: 13 - Vans Downtown Showdown Stairs
2005: 10 - Vans Downtown Showdown Bank to Bank
2004: 02 - Goofy vs Regular Street
2004: 05 - X Games Street
2003: 01 - X Games Global Park
2003: 01 - X Games Street
2003: 20 - X Games Park
2003: 09 - X Games Best Trick
2003: 04 - Cleveland Gravity Games
2003: 02 - Boost Mobile Vegas Pro Invitational
2002: 01 - Cleveland Gravity Games Street
2002: 02 - Vancouver Slam City Jam Street
2002: 03 - X Games Park
2002: 12 - Melburne Global World Cup Street
2001: 02 - X Games Street
2001: 13 - X Games Park
2001: 03 - X Games Best Trick
2000: 01 - X Games Park
1997: 23 - X Games Park
1996: 04 - X Games Park


2008: A Tribe Called Mapquest
2007: I Stole Kajaks Wax!
2007: Fully Flared
2006: Rising Son
2005: Catalog Shoot
2005: Super Champion Funzone
2003: Yeah Right [Girl Skateboards]
1993: Goldfish [Girl Skateboards]
1993: Virtual Reality *
1992: Next Generation


2004: Tony Hawks Underground


1996: Thrahser Skater of the Year
1999: Transworld Skateboarding Awards Best Style Readers
1999: Transworld Skateboarding Awards Best Style Riders
1999: Transworld Skateboarding Awards Best Street Riders


He got his first pro model shoe with es Footwear in 1997.

1997: The Koston [eS Footwear]


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