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Andrew Reynolds

Andrew Reynolds is an American professional skateboarder.


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Andrew Reynolds was born June 6, 1978 in Lakeland, Florida, USA. In 1997 he moved to Huntington Beach, California.


Andrew Reynolds started skateboarding in 1986, at the age of 9. His stance is regular.


19?? - 19??: G&S Skateboards
199? - 1999: Birdhouse Skateboards
199? - 19??: Airwalk Shoes

Andrew Reynolds turned pro with Birdhouse in 1995.

1997: Emerica

In 2000 Andrew Reynolds started the Baker Skateboards with Jay Strickland.

In 2007: Andrew Reynolds formed Baker Boys Distribution with Greco and Ellington.

2000: Baker Skateboards
????: Pharmacy Skate Shop
????: Independent Trucks
????: Altamont Apparel
????: Nixon
????: Shake Junt
2011: Stance
2012: Spitfire Wheels


1997: 01 - Tampa Pro


2011: Chicken Bone Nowison
2010: Stay Gold
2008: The Foreigners
1999: Baker Bootleg
1998: The End
1996: Airwalk Skateboarding Video 96
1993: Ravers

He also had a small role in the comedy film Cop and a 1/2 in 1993.


Andrew Reynolds has been featured as a character in several video games.

1999: Tony Hawks Pro Skater
2000: Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2
2001: Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3
2002: Tony Hawks Pro Skater 4
2003: Tony Hawks Underground
2005: Tony Hawks American Wasteland
2007: Tony Hawks Proving Ground
2010: Skate 3
2012: Tony Hawks Pro Skater HD


2002: Trasher [december 2002]
2001: TransWorld Skateboarding [august]
2000: Transworld Skateboarding [october cover]


2011: TWS Awards Best Video Part with Stay Gold
1998: Thrasher Skater of the Year


Andrew Reynolds has toured around the world with his sponsors. Below are some of the tours he has been on.

2011: Emerica Outsiders Tour


Andrew Reynolds has had several pro model skateboard decks.

2012: Baker Reynolds Beetle
2012: Baker Reynolds Tomahawk
2012: Baker Reynolds Wood Grain
2012: Baker Reynolds Logo ATL
2012: Baker Reynolds Gs Up
2012: Baker Reynolds Cursed
2011: Baker Reynolds Metal Front
2011: Baker Reynolds BBQ
2011: Baker Reynolds Super Jack
xxxx: Baker Reynolds ATL
xxxx: Baker Reynolds AR

Andrew Reynolds has also released several signature shoe models with Emerica.

The Reynolds 1
The Reynolds 2
The Reynolds 3
The Boss
The Reynolds Light
The AR Slim
The Reynolds Cruisers
The Reynolds Classics


Andrew suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder which sometimes affects his Skateboarding with him having to touch the ramps or wall several times as part of his pre trick routine.


Andrew Reynolds has a daughter named Stella.
Andrew Reynolds is the nephew of Burt Reynolds.


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