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A Hardflip is a skateboard trick where the rider flips the board with the toe of the front foot, to make it spin 360 degrees along the boards long axis while it also rotates 180 degrees frontside.



Denne informasjonen er foreløpig bare tilgjengelig på engelsk!

The toe of the front foot is used to make the board spin towards the heel side along the boards long axis, while the back foot is used to scoop the board to rotate frontside.

Hardflip is basicly a combination of the kickflip and a frontside shuv-it. It can also be considered the kickflip version of the inward heelflip.


The backside version of the trick is called Varial Kickflip.


The first known hardflip might have done by Greg Carroll in 1987. [1]


The trick was first called a frontside varial kickflip.

The name hardflip may have been coined by Dan Gallager, who says he started using it after getting sick of trying to explaining the trick as a 180 degree varial kickflip done the hard way. [1]


Shawn Mandoli might have been the first to document a hardflip in 1990, while filming for a Venture video. But the video was never released, and Daewon Song was the first to release video of a hardflip in the skatevideo Love Child in 1992. [1]


1] Who Invented The Hardflip? Added 18-12-2016


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