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A Kickflip is a skateboard trick where the rider flips the board with the toe of the front foot, to make it spin 360 degrees along the boards long axis.


Denne informasjonen er foreløpig bare tilgjengelig på engelsk!

The modern kickflip was invented by Rodney Mullen in 1983, after a failed attempt at an ollie. [1]


In common use the trick is known as kickflip or simply a flip. The original name for this trick after conception was the "magic flip" because no one understood how it worked or flipped. Ollie kickflip is sometimes used to distinguish it from the Old School Kickflip.

World Records:

Most consecutive kickflips in a row.

2008: Zach Kral [1546]
2008 - 2008: Christian Brekke [1424]
2008 - 2008: Zach Kral [1200]
2007 - 2008: Laurens Groenveld [566]
2007 - 2007: Chris Demendoza [563]
2007 - 2007: Magnus Borderwick [508]
2007 - 2007: Christian Brekke [332]
2007 - 2007: Carlos Ramos [284]
2006 - 2007: Chris Dziema [283]
2006 - 2006: .. [219]

The most kick flips in 30 seconds

2010 - xxxx: Alex DeCunha 18 Kickflips


1989: Kickflip Frontside Air
????: Frontside Kickflip
????: Backside Kickflip
????: Fakie Kickflip
????: Kickflip Shifty
????: Late Kickflip
????: 180 Kickflip
????: 360 Kickflip
????: Hard Flip
????: Hospital Flip
????: Casper Flip
????: Twisted Flip


Below are the sources referenced in the text. Go to the kickflip articles for more.

1] How Rodney Mullen Invented Kickflip Added 05-12-2012


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