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Alien Workshop

Alien Workshop is an American skateboard company.


Denne informasjonen er foreløpig bare tilgjengelig på engelsk!

Alien Workshop was founded by Mike Hill and Chris Carter in 1990, with help from Jimmy George of CS Skates Distribution.

Jimmy George was soon bought out, and the company eventually started operating under the umbrella of DNA Distribution.

In 2008 Burton bought DNA Distribution, including the Alien Workshop brand.

In 2012 Rob Dyrdek bought DNA Distribution, but sold it to Pacific Vector Holdings the following year.

In 2014 DNA Distribution went out of business, and Rob Dyrdek bought back the Alien Workshop brand and re-launched it with Tum Yeto.

Am Team:

1990 - 1991: Rob Dyrdek
1990 - 1991: Duane Pitre
1990 - 1992: Bo Turner
1990 - 1992: Scott Conklin
1990 - ????: Thomas Morgan
199? - 199?: John Pryor
???? - ????: Josh Kalis
???? - ????: Lennie Kirk
2003 - 20??: Ted DeGros
2009 - ????: Gilbert Crockett
2011 - 201?: Kevin Terpening

Pro Team:

1990 - ????: Neil Blender
1990 - ????: Steve Claar
1991 - ????: Rob Dyrdek
1991 - ????: Duane Pitre
1992 - ????: Bo Turner
1992 - ????: Scott Conklin
1992 - ????: John Drake
199? - 2009: Josh Kalis
199? - ????: Thomas Morgan
199? - ????: Lennie Kirk
1998 - 2013: Anthony van Engelen
1998 - 2013: Jason Dill
199? - ????: Heath Kirchart
199? - ????: Steve Berra
20?? - 201?: Dylan Rieder
20?? - xxxx: Omar Salazar
2005 - 201?: Mikey Taylor
2008 - 2011: Arto Saari
2009 - 201?: Grant Taylor
2010 - xxxx: Tyler Bledsoe
2012 - xxxx: Gilbert Crockett
2012 - xxxx: Jake Johnson


1991: Memory Screen
1997: Timecode
2000: Photosynthesis
2006: Kalis in Mono
2009: Mind Field


The company was based in Dayton, Ohio, United States, as they wanted to be as far away from the skateboard industy as possible.


Alien Workshop makes skateboard decks, wheels, apparel, and other skateboard accessories, and are known for their artistic graphical style with themes of paranoia and futurism often used.

Alien Workshop skateboard decks are manufactured in the USA and Canada, and are sold in several countries outside the US.

xxxx: Planet Snow [Norway]


The AWS Filmworks website waslaunced On March 9 2007, to document the Mind Field video.

The official website is


From 1992 the AWS warehouse was located blocks from Wright Patt Air Force Base, home of Hangar 18.


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