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Real Skateboards

Real Skateboards is an American skateboard company.


Denne informasjonen er foreløpig bare tilgjengelig på engelsk!

Real Skateboards was started by Tommy Guerrero and Jim Thiebaud in 1990, trough Deluxe Distribution.

Pro Team:

1990 - ????: Tommy Guerrero
1990 - 199?: Jim Thiebaud
???? - 20??: Mark Gonzales
???? - 20??: Keith Hufnagel
???? - 20??: Cairo Foster
???? - 20??: Max Schaaf
???? - 20??: Matt Field
???? - ????: Salman Agah
???? - ????: Julien Stranger
???? - xxxx: Peter Ramondetta
???? - xxxx: Dennis Busenitz
2009 - xxxx: Ishod Wair
???? - xxxx: Jake Donnelly
???? - xxxx: Davis Torgerson
???? - xxxx: Ernie Torres
???? - xxxx: JT Aultz
???? - xxxx: Keith Hufnagel
???? - xxxx: Max Schaaf
2009 - xxxx: Justin Brock
2010 - xxxx: Chima Ferguson
2011 - xxxx: James Hardy

Am Team:

???? - 20??: Peter Ramondetta
???? - 20??: Joshua Bellamy
???? - 20??: Ernie Torres
???? - 20??: J.T. Aultz
???? - 20??: Damian Bravo
???? - 20??: Dennis Buzinitz
???? - 20??: Nate Jones
???? - 20??: Phil Mackie
???? - 2009: Justin Brock
???? - 2010: Chima Ferguson
???? - 2011: James Hardy
???? - xxxx: Kyle Walker
???? - xxxx: Robbie Brockel
???? - xxxx: Jake Ruiz
???? - xxxx: Jack Olson
???? - xxxx: Antoine Asselin
???? - xxxx: Massimo Cavedoni
???? - xxxx: Alex Midler
???? - xxxx: Alex Perelson


1993: The Real Video
1997: Non-Fiction
1999: Kicked Out Of Everywhere
2001: Real To Reel
2002: Seeing Double
2002: Recipe For Disaster
2005: Roll Forever
2006: Life and Times
2007: From The Vaults vol 1
2007: Remix Project V.1.1


2004: 04 - Thrasher King of the Road


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Team Update: Jack Olsons REAL Road To Pro Video

After countless hours in the van and many laughs later–Jack Olson is pro for REAL!

Tanner Van Vark Real Ad Surprise

The REAL team met up with Tanner Van Vark at the Houghton Skate Park in Long Beach. They told him he had to film a First Look with the new issue of Thrasher, little did he know they were actually surprising him with a new AD in the mag! Check out how it all went down!

Actions REALized: Unity

Skateboarding is unique in the fact that it remains open to anyone and everyone - Unity Skateboarding, based in Oakland, CA, is a project that supports and celebrates all queer and transgender people in skateboarding. They provide a platform for visibility and create inclusive and welcoming spaces for them to come together in the Bay Area and beyond. A portion of the proceeds from this board will go directly to the Transgender Law Center, a national trans-led organization, to support their continued efforts advocating self-determination for all people so they can live safely, authentically, and free from discrimination regardless of their gender identity or expression.

Kyle Walker Turns Pro... Again!

The Real Team jumped in the van and hit the park before surprising K-Walks with a special guest artist board from his good homie Dakota Hunt.

Actions REALized: Dan Mancina

Dan Mancina is no different than any skateboarder - he loves every second of it and doesnt let anything get in his way. While losing his eyesight at the age of 23 due to a degenerative eye disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa cast a spotlight on him in the skateboard community, he was already a strong part of it. After the first time he skated with the Real Team he was instantly a part of the crew. With Dans help they worked on a special Actions REALized board designed specifically for the visually impaired.

The Nate Tapes Vol 1

REAL Team Manager Nate Alton keeps the crew covered from all angles, including iPhone.. Get a behind the scenes look at some of the sessions and trips with the Real Team from last year in The Nate Tapes: Vol. 1.

Real Skateboards Another Year of Falling Down

REAL Skateboards Another Year of Falling Down

Team Update: Tanner Van Vark on Real

Four minutes from Reals newest AM, with guest tricks from Ishod, K-Walks and the crew. Tanner rules. Push play and see for yourself.

Bloom featuring Willy Lara and Robbie Brockel

Robbie Brockel and Willy Lara hit up Palm Springs to see what was blooming in the desert, while searching for dirty ditches and abandoned pools.

Commercial: Real For Those About To Rock

Hermann Stene, Jafin Garvey and Peter Ramondetta jumped in the REAL van for a day of skating in SF. For Those About To Roll, We Salute You.

Zion Wright: The REAL Road to Pro

In their own words Ishod, Kyle and the REAL team, with Jamie Foy, explain who Zion is and why he is now Pro. Congrats Z - REAL Since Day One.

Real Pro Zion Wrights Greatest Hits

Usually it takes a while to rack up a Greatest Hits collection, but Zion aint your typical skater. Heres a ridiculously gnarly edit celebrating his promotion to the ranks of PRO skateboarding for REAL. Congrats, Zion!

Mammas Skate Shop Jam 2017 Footage

Hermann Stene and the entire Stene family threw a BBQ and Skate Jam at Mânejordet Skatepark in Larvik, Norway to celebrate the release of the new Mammas X REAL board, available now at Mammas Skate Shop.

Real x Mammas Skateshop

Real Skateboards has honored Mamas Skateshop in Larvik with a deck.

Real Squaded Up In DC 2017 Tour Footage

Nothing but good times with half the Real crew and a bunch of friends from Europe all headed to SD to get some.