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Jamie Foy

Jamie Foy is an American skateboarder.


Denne informasjonen er foreløpig bare tilgjengelig på engelsk!

Jamie Foy was born June 14, 1996, in Deerfield Beach, Florida, United States of America. [1][3]


Jamie Foy started skateboarding at age one, on his older sisters board. [1]

His stance is regular.


Jamie Foy entered his first contest at the age of four. [1]


He turned pro with Deathwish Skateboards in 2011. [2]

???? - ????: Nike (Flow)
???? - ????: Baker (Flow)
???? - ????: Hurley (Flow)
???? - ????: Vestal
???? - ????: Ramp48 Skatepark
???? - xxxx: Stance
???? - xxxx: Spitfire
???? - xxxx: Thunder
???? - xxxx: Island Water Sports
???? - xxxx: Bones Swiss
???? - xxxx: Shake Junt
???? - xxxx: Wicked Audio

2016 - xxxx: Diamond footwear
2017 - xxxx: Deathwish Skateboards


2017: Thrasher Skater of the Year

Wake Skate

At age 15-16 Jamie Foy started wake skating at the water park across the street from his house, and eventually became sponsored. [3]


Below are the sources referenced in the text. Go to the Jamie Foy articles for more.

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