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Hva skjer: Elias Heitmann Checklist Interview

We fired some quick questions at Elias Heitmann after he won the Checklist Junior Contest in Paris.

Published: 2/13/2020

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Elias Heitmann backside smith grind, backside 180 during practice. Picture: Screencap/Far n High.

Congratulations on placing first. How stoked are you now?

After I won the contest, I felt very happy and proud, since it was the last year I could participate in that competition because of the age restriction. I have participated twice before without winning, so getting it on the last chance made me even more happy.

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You looked very surprised in the video. Was it not in your mind that you might win before it was announced?

Before it was announced I was thinking there were others that had a chance of winning, so thats why I was so happy when I heard.

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You moved to Holmestrand a few years ago. Did you move back to Bergen?

I moved to Holmestrand from Bergen in 2016, and moved back to Bergen in 2018. We thought the city was to small, and there was not much to do. Especially with the skating.

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Are you going to school at Bryggeriet? How do you like it there?

I moved to Malmö this summer to attend the skate school at Bryggeriet Gymnasium, and it is probably the best choice I have made in my life. I have never experienced anything as magical as that.

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You have been sponsored by Ten Skateboards for a few years now. Whats that like?

I have ridden for Ten since I was 11. They send me boards when I need it, and we go on tours abroad. It has been a lot of fun, and we are going on more trips in the future that I am looking forward to.

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You are not skating for Los Tacos anymore?

Haha. I used to ride for Los Tacos, which was a very good taco restaurant, and it was one of the coolest sponsors I could have had. But after I moved to Holmestrand I lost contact with them, since there are no Los Tacos in Holmestrand or nearby.

What others sponsors do you have now?

Now I ride for Session and Ten skateboards

Any future plans?

My plans for the future are to have fun on the board. Learn new things. And film a street part.

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