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Australian Bowl-Riding Champs 2015 Results / Footy

The fourth annual Australian Bowl-Riding Championships was held at the Beach Bar Skatepark in Newcastle.

Published: 2/9/2015 1


Check out the clips below.


Pro Bowl:

1 Alex Sorgente $3300.00
2 Tom Schaar $2200.00
3 Cory Juneau $1100.00
4 Ivan Federico $700.00
5 RJ Barbaro $600.00
6 Trey Wood $500.00
7 Joshua Rodriguez $400.00
8 George Richards $300.00
9 Felipe Foguinho $200.00
10 Kevin Kowalski $150.00
11 Nilo Pecanha $150.00
12 Jakob Robinson $100.00
13 Renton Millar $100.00
14 Ben Hatchell $100.00
15 Murilo Peres $100.00
16 Lizzie Armanto
17 Otavio Neto
18 Vi Kakinho
19 Matt Kitai
20 Nicholas Kris
21 Bugs Fardell
22 Fabio Ticara
23 Rob Lorifice
24 Sky Siljeg
25 Jamie Goodwin
26 Brodie Lee Jarrett

Masters Bowl:

1 Bruno Passos $1700.00
2 Brian Patch $1000.00
3 Pat Ngoho $600.00
4 Sean Goff $500.00
5 Luke Jones $400.00
6 Chris Patton $300.00
7 Luke Foster $200.00
8 John Grey $100.00
9 Adrian Jones $100.00
10 John Bogaerts $100.00
11 Nik Mendoza
12 Adam Luxford
13 Nick Couscouris
14 Geoff Fletcher
15 Gravel Burns
16 Paul Savos
17 Alex Donnini
18 Kevin Moran
19 Anthony McIntyre
20 Sean Ritchie
21 Shane Ayerst
22 Simon Reynolds
23 Brett David Watters
24 Jeremy Rowling
25 Tony Chavez
26 Rob "Wedge" Francis
27 Stefan Wernick
28 Scott Beker
29 Nick Sable

Girls Bowl:

1 Poppy Olsen
2 Sari Simpson
3 Tanille Licari
4 Izy Mutu
5 Jase Perry
6 Gemma Balkin
7 Kasia Wernick

18 and under:

1 Keegan Palmer
2 Luke Russell
3 Jedd McKenzie
4 Dylan Donnini
5 Daniel Hallett
6 Ryan Helm
7 Noah Fuzi
8 Noah Regan
9 Zane Hedley
10 Jackson Bogaerts
11 Bryce McKean
12 Kobe Higgins
13 Zepp Hayes
14 Max Owen
15 Ben Grey
16 Angus Owens
17 Hayden Swift
18 Zac Tinson
19 Jackson Donnini
20 Damon Cahill
21 Louis Newman
22 Riley Gardiner
23 Reid Butcher
24 Phoenix Sinnerton
25 Alfie Bonar

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