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The Justme Stickertoss Round Two

We have started up the second round of The Justme Website Stickertoss, with an all new system and new rules. Check it out here.

Published: 10/8/2009


This time we have tried to take into consideration some of the feedback we got from our users in the first round, and have updated the system with the following changes.

  • Users no longer have to visit on a certain day/time to partisipate..
  • Users get stats on how many stickers they have cought..
  • Users can see if their stickers have been sent from the stats..
  • Users will be promted to update all nesseseary info before partisipating..

    Big thanks to Jon Harald Aspheim for a bunch of Vision Street Wear stickers, and the Frontside Disaster project for their contribution!

    Visit the stickertoss from the page below and grab yourself some stickers.

    The Justme Website Stickertoss

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