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GSF Wants To Expand

Gamlebyen Sport og Fritid wants to create a unique recreational offer, including a streetpark on the old bridge, a concrete childrens park and a magic park with a carousel, pizza oven and a viking ship.

Published: 1/9/2009 1

2009: Newspapers: Østkantavisa front page in january headlining the planned Gamlebyen Arena.The Bowl

The new GSF bowl was completed last year, and officialy opened on 21. june. Since the opening on Go Skateboarding Day, the skatepark has been frequently visited by people coming from near and far, and has hosted events and contests.


2009: Newspapers: Article in Østkantavisa about the planned Gamlebyen Arena.Now GSF wants more room to accomodate all the visitors, and there is no doubt that the suggested expansion would attract even more visitors. They have been in contact with the local officials, who are positive to the idea, but it still remains to see if the plans and budget get approval for the 3 million nkr they need to complete Gamlebyen Arena.

GSF Skatepark

Below are links for more information and a map for the skatepark.

  • Info: GSF Skatepark
  • Map: GSF Skatepark

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    Opening of the new concrete bowl at the GSF Skatepark.
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    Crowd by the GSF bowl towards the end of the WeSC Rock n Bowl contest in Gamlebyen, Oslo.<br>

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  • Østkantavisa - Skatedrøm i Gamlebyen

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