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WeSC Norway Skate Team

The Swedish clothing brand WeSC has formed a norwegian skateboard team. Here is some information and information on the new team and team members.

Published: 11/10/2008


2008: Advertisments: Daniel Spiro WeSC Advertisment.
2008: Advertisments: Erik Friesl WeSC Advertisment.
2008: Advertisments: Jon Kåre Skiple WeSC Advertisment.
2008: Advertisments: Ulrik Almås WeSC Advertisment.
2008: Advertisments: Kristian Nærland WeSC Advertisment.
2008: Advertisments: Anders Sjøberg WeSC Advertisment.
WeSC Norway Advertisments

Below are links to the team members information on our website.

  • Erik Friesl
  • Ulrik Almås
  • Anders Sjøberg
  • Daniel Spiro
  • Kristian Nærland
  • Jon Kåre Skiple

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  • Playboard - WeSC med norsk skateteam

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