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Haugenstua Skatepark Closed For Renovation

The only indoor skatepark in Oslo closed its doors to start renovating today. Here is some more information on whats happening at Haugenstua the following weeks.

Published: 8/13/2008


The park has been popular since it got renovated last year, with around 9000 visitors, and now it is time for some maintainance. As last year, André Třnsberg Bakke will be doing the renovation.

Closing Times

The skatepark closed today, one week earlier than planned, because of work on the lighs. It will remain closed on weekdays for about three and a half weeks due to the renovation, but will be open for skating on saturdays and sundays. Check out the spotguide for weekday alternatives.


The leaks that we saw last winter are being fixed, and the floor is lifted and getting a wood surface with smoother transition to the obstacles. Worn surfacing is being replaced, and a new funbox is being built. The two pyramids and one of the banks are being torn down to make room for a total of three micro ramps, two of them connected with a spine.


André Třnsberg Bakke and Henning Braathen are drawing up plans to include an outdoor park at Haugenstua next year. Because of the high voltage cables in the area the obstacles can not be flamable, and will most likely be covered in granit and marble.

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